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David G. Simmons

David G. Simmons

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We've been upping our SWAG game a lot lately, and we want to share it with you, the valuable members of our community! We want to give you the chance to show off your projects, show off your love for QuestDB, and to just show off! Whether it's large or small projects, follow the steps in this post so we can send some swag your way!

How does it work?#

It's going to be really simple. And there are different levels of SWAG and participation. Just complete a level, get the SWAG.

Level 1: You're new here#

Why don't you like us more? It's ok, give us some time, you'll come to ❤️ us! But we're fine if you want to start off slow. For this level, we'll send you some of our cool QuestDB stickers. Yeah, just stickers, but you haven't been able to go to any conferences in months so we know your supply is running low.

The easiest level:

  • Follow us on Twitter -- Don't forget to send us a tweet so we know you're there!.
  • Join our Slack community
  • Send us your address (because how else are we going to send them?)

Level 2: You're cool, but just really busy#

So you like QuestDB. But you're not sure you like like QuestDB. Fair enough. We get it. But you still want some SWAG and to show the world that you like QuestDB. We'll send you a really nice hard-enamel, full-color QuestDB pin along with the Level 1 stickers.

This level's pretty easy to get. Just do the following:

  • 🌟 on GitHub
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Send out a tweet about how much you like QuestDB -- and that you gave us a 🌟 on GitHub! (Don't forget to @QuestDB so we can see it!)
  • Join our Slack community
  • Send us your mailing address!

Level 3: QuestDB early adopter#

You're a QuestDB Superfan and you want everyone to know it! At this level you will get one of our exclusive, really nice custom-embroidered T-Shirts. These are not your standard printed tech T-Shirts. No, these are heavy-weight (6oz) cotton-blend shirts with the QuestDB logo embroidered in full color on the left chest. You won't be waxing your car with this shirt! You'll also get the pin and the stickers, of course, because you're a super-fan!

At this level we assume you already follow us and are a member of our community, but if not, please do!

How do you get this level? Just do the following:

  • Build a project -- any project really -- using QuestDB. Do something cool with it.
  • Write up a blog post about it. You can post it on your blog, or on Medium, or or wherever you want. If you don't have a place to post it, or you'd rather be featured on our blog then just send it to us and we'll post it!
  • Send us your mailing address (we'll need a phone number too, probably, as most shippers require one now)
    • Bonus: Send out a tweet of you wearing your QuestDB shirt. Don't forget to @QuestDB so we don't miss it!
Black t-shirt with QuestDB's logo

That's it! Sit back and wait for the SWAG!

Level 4: QuestDB implementor extraordinaire!#

You think QuestDB is the solution to all your data woes. You don't just think it, you know it! So much so that you've already implemented a solution, in production, at your company.

We love you! Reach out and let's talk. We'll have some really special SWAG for you. You're going to like it, we promise.

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