QuestDB 6.5.4 Release - Hacktoberfest

Pei-Shan Wu

Pei-Shan Wu

QuestDB Team

Thanks to our amazing Hacktoberfest contributors, this release includes new SQL features with a focus on string and math functions, as well as performance and stability improvements brought by our core engineers.

Version 6.5.4 release highlights:

  • Add SQL string functions: lower(), upper(), start_with(), lpad(), rpad(), split_part()
  • Add SQL numeric functions: log10(), ln()
  • Support CREATE TABLE LIKE syntax to reuse schema of an existing table
  • Add active SQL highlight for web console
  • Support using row_number() with ORDER BY
  • Allow ALTER DROP on the latest active partition
  • Improve performance for ILP and GROUP BY aggregations

Special thanks to @ArjunSharda, @TheZal, @Ln11211, @ShubhamPalriwala, @blackstar-baba, @akki1306, @DarthBenro008, @bsnxsourav, @sklarsa, @Twilight-Shuxin, @eigengravy for code contributions!

Read the full release notes.

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