Newsletter Aug 2022 - 6.5 Release and ILP Clients in 6 Languages

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Learn about our latest 6.5 release, a case study with the largest retailer in Aisa, new ILP clients for different programming languages, and news from our community.

QuestDB 6.5#

This release brings a new algorithm for SQL COPY, which is specifically designed to enable fast and easy CSV import for large and unsorted data files. This feature comes in handy when you want to migrate a large amount of data from other databases to QuestDB. Learn more about the feature:

CSV import

In addition, there are several improvements and fixes for the Influx line protocol, Core, and SQL engine, which are included in the full release notes.

Special thanks to @HeZean and @CJCShadowsan for contributing to this release!

ILP clients for ingestion#

This month, we have also released new Influx line protocol (ILP) client libraries with TLS encryption support:

In the next few days, we'll release the ILP client for Node.js.

Central Group case study#

We have published a new case study together with Central Group !

Image of QuestDB and Central Group logos

Central Group is the largest retail company in Asia and the owner of brands such as Selfridges. QuestDB is the core database driving their real-time data analytics for business intelligence collected from e-commerce sites and physical stores.

Read the case study.

QuestDB community meetup#

We have hosted another community meetup this month! Our Developer Advocate Javier, together with our core engineering team, went through QuestDB's implementation for replication and the current development timeline. Here is the recording:

Community news#

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new community members. Happy to see you share your ideas and initiate discussions on Slack and GitHub!

Screenshot of a tweet from @TarasNovak

We hope you enjoy reading our latest issue so far. If you'd like to provide your input on our newsletter or product, please share your ideas on or reach out to our team members on the QuestDB Community Slack.

Thank you!

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