Newsletter Sep 2022 - 6.5 Release and Talk at Javazone

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Learn about our latest releases, a case study with Copenhagen Atomics, our public engineering roadmap, and news from our community.

New features since QuestDB 6.5#

This release adds new SQL statements ALTER TABLE DETACH/ATTACH PARTITION for detaching and re-attaching partitions to tables, providing a solution to manually offload data to cold storage. Special thanks to @glasstiger and @Zahlii for contributing to our GitHub repos!

Read documentation about DETACH partition

Copenhagen Atomics case study#

We published a new case study together with Copenhagen Atomics!

Image of QuestDB and Copenhagen Atomics logos

Copenhagen Atomics is a manufacturer of next generation molten salt reactors to deliver abundant energy with a waste profile 100x lower than traditional nuclear. They use QuestDB to monitor the reactors' temperature, liquid flows and pressure in real time.

Read the full case study.

DB-Engines for time series databases#

QuestDB had the biggest jump in database popularity for time-series databases on DB-Engine s

Screenshot of DB-Engines ranking


Our CTO, Vlad, spoke at JavaZone on Sept 7 about 'Myth Busters: Building a High-Performance Database in Java':

Screenshot of a tweet from @AndriiRodionov

Later this month our Dev Rel Javier will speak at Big Data LDN on Sept 21-22. Co-founders Vlad and Nic will also be there. Come to say hello at our booth! Here is a peek:

QuestDB Public Roadmap#

We have improved our public roadmap for both QuestDB Open Source, QuestDB Cloud, and QuestDB Enterprise. We would love to hear from you: please share your thoughts and ideas to the items.

Community news#

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new community members. Happy to see you share your ideas and initiate discussions on Slack and GitHub!


This month, we welcome Steven Sklar as our new Senior Cloud Engineer in the cloud team.

Meanwhile, we're always on the lookout for new colleagues. Check out our careers page to find out more.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest issue so far. If you'd like to provide your input on our newsletter or product, please share your ideas on or reach out to our team members on the QuestDB Community Slack.

Thank you!

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