Newsletter May 2021 - QuestDB 6.0.3 release

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The response to our 6.0 launch from new and existing users and the developer community has been amazing. We're excited to see our community grow and join us on the quest! Here's our roundup of events surrounding the launch, a sneak peek at what we're building next, and other news from QuestDB HQ!

6.0 Feedback#

QuestDB 6.0 includes a new system that can handle out-of-order time series data and re-orders it on the fly before writing to disk. The response was overwhelmingly positive with our blog post trending at the number 1 position on Reddit's r/programming for over 24 hours with interesting discussions from implementation details to practical use cases for QuestDB.

We're continuing our focus on updates with our latest release version 6.0.3 which is focused on stability of out-of-order data ingestion. We’ve also added to/from timezone functions, improvements to bind variables and UI improvements. We've added a settings panel to the web console where users may specify how long notifications should remain visible for, or they can be disabled completely. For the full list of changes, please see the release notes.


We have an uptick in new members joining our community and we want to welcome all of you. We're happy to see our Slack workspace growing and more users engaging with the project through GitHub issues and all other forms of feedback!

  • We reached 3.4k GitHub stars !
  • Our contributors opened in the last month for feature requests and bug reports and we have had many more feature requests via Slack and Stack Overflow
  • We're about to reach 600 developers on our community Slack
  • Increased activity on our community Slack with a total of 5330 messages last month and an average of 40 daily active users
  • We hosted a Roadmap Planning webinar with our members to get feedback on the most important functionality we should prioritize

We have a new Community page which offers QuestDB swag as a way of saying thanks to our stellar contributors. It's easy to reach out to us to get a hold of swag, so check out the community page, get in touch, and we'll ship out some gifts as a token of our appreciation. As a bonus, here's Michael Friedrich from GitLab showing love for his swag in this amazing selfie:

Screenshot of a tweet from @dnsmichi

QuestDB on the web#

Here's the latest editorials where we're happy to be featured:


We're on the lookout for new members to join QuestDB. The roles we're hiring for at the moment include:

  • Front-end Engineer
  • Developer Relations Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer

For more details, the openings we have are listed on our careers page.

Up next!#

The next major functionality we're resuming is the initiative to enable replication on QuestDB which has been a highly-requested feature. We are also exploring the possibility to enable ML and data science applications close to the database layer and approaches for adding support for other dimensions such as geospatial data. Following our TSBS benchmark results, we are running performance tests for high-cardinality data sets which is often a cause of issues in time series data ingestion.

We're glad to see our community growing and giving us valuable feedback on the features and functionality we can focus on. If you’ve any questions about this update, reach out to us and say hi on Slack.

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