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6.2.1 Release#

This month we released QuestDB 6.2.1! This version focuses mainly on usability and stability improvements. Here's the highlights of new features that landed in the latest release:

  • Multi-queue support to accelerate multiple table ingestion in ILP
  • ILP configuration to disconnect on errors to prevent data loss
  • New table writer metrics in the Prometheus metrics endpoint
  • Flag to report JIT compilation status in REST API
  • Icon in the web console that indicates JIT-enabled query execution
  • Optimized query performance for ORDER BY designated timestamp with filters
  • Improved DROP TABLE syntax to use with IF EXISTS

Special thanks to @null-dev and @GothamsJoker for code contributions and @gabor-boros, @afvictory, @fmoessbauer, @pveentjer, and @arina-ielchiieva for reporting bugs and issues. Your contributions have a big impact on making QuestDB better!

User stories#

We're happy to share two new case studies that describe our users' success stories.

TQS Integration, a Cognizant company, builds software solutions for industrial processes in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, energy, and renewable industries. They use QuestDB to process and analyze vast amounts of industrial telemetry.

Sapient Industries provides an integrated platform that applies real-time analytics and machine learning to facility electrical data, delivering deep cost and operational efficiencies insights.

Community meetup#

Our community meetup is a quarterly virtual event, and we're excited to invite you to the next call on March 17, 2022, at 17:00 CET.

This time, we will have Holger Amort, Senior Data Scientist, share his experience building software solutions that process time series analysis for pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our engineering team will also share tips and approaches for optimizing QuestDB server performance and updates on our 2022 product roadmap.

Community updates#

We want to give a warm welcome to new community members. We're happy to see you share your ideas and feedback on Slack and GitHub!

  • Our community on Slack now is 1.2k developers strong .
  • EjtraderDB created a Python module that includes an API wrapper for QuestDB.
  • TQS Integrationwrote an article about the role of QuestDB in their architecture.
  • Our team will talk about Cube.js ' integration with QuestDB on their monthly call on Mar. 9 , join us!
  • We'd also like to give a shout-out to the community members who continue to show their support; thank you, @Dylan , for your contribution to QuestDB!

Screenshot of Dylan Lamott's LinkedIn post


This month, we welcome Andrea Anastasi, who joined as Head of Talent, Adam Cimarosti, who joined as Core Database Engineer, and Nikki Ng, who joined as Senior Backend Engineer in the cloud team.

Meanwhile, we're always on the lookout for new colleagues. Check out our open postition on Careers at QuestDB page.

What's next#

Our engineering team plans to include UPDATE, snapshot, and asynchronous offloading features in the next release. We are also actively seeking feedback from our users to shape the open-source product roadmap. If you'd like to provide your input, please share your ideas on or reach out to our team via the QuestDB Community Slack.

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