Newsletter Dec 2022 - Dynamic commits

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Learn about our latest release with dynamic commits, a new case study with Prediko, updates about our Cloud offering, and community news.

QuestDB 6.6.1#

We just released 6.6.1!

In this upgrade, we deliver dynamic commits: developers no longer have to tinker with commit lag configuration. Data ingestion performance and availability of data for reads are both optimized dynamically.

QuestDB 6.6.1

This release also contains some pull requests from our community. Kudos to @sreenath-tm, @klurpicolo, and @vgrichina for the code contributions!

Prediko case study#

Prediko uses QuestDB to provide fast analytics and forecasts to its e-commerce customers.

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Read the case study.

QuestDB Cloud#

We are launching the private preview for QuestDB Cloud! We have shipped new features such as Auth SSO and monitoring.

Check out our pricing page for details about our fully managed Cloud offering

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Tutorial: SAMPLE BY deep dive#

SAMPLE BY is a SQL extension in QuestDB that helps you group or bucket time-series data. Our champion contributor, Kovid Rathee, published a new and in-depth tutorial on SAMPLE BY.

Read the blog post.

Community news#

  • One of our core engineers, Jaromir Hamala , wrote an article about the power of full table scanning and why indices may not always be necessary to achieve fast reads. Then, Jaromir caught a cold, and rapped about QuestDB in bed

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  • Our public roadmap is updated - exciting items lined up include WAL-based ingestion, ingestion of Pandas dataframes via ILP, role-based authorization, UUID data type, access to QuestDB logs in Cloud, and a connector for Apache Flink!

  • Shout-out to our community members who continue to show their support; thank you to @vgrichina

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