Newsletter Sep 2021 - Geohashes and Airbus Partnership

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Here's the latest roundup from QuestDB HQ with our most recent updates; we have exciting new releases, including support for geospatial data, an official listing on the AWS marketplace, and our community growth shows more code contributions and participation on Slack and GitHub!

Let's take a look at these highlights and the rest of our monthly news! Release#

Release 6.0.5 introduced floor and ceil timestamp functions, out-of-order parameter support via REST API, and support for geospatial data. Since then, we have made multiple minor stability and bug fix releases and the latest version to download is.

Supporting geodata is achieved by the addition of a new geohash type which represents grid areas as a base32 alphanumeric string:

Geohash examples with increasing precision

Release announcement

Airbus partnership#

We're excited to announce that Airbus is using QuestDB to power real-time asset tracking applications used in aerospace and nautical scenarios.

Quote of Oliver Pfeiffer

Airbus is already making heavy use of geohash types, which power real-time dashboards for views involving hundreds of millions of data points per day. We're thrilled to be partnering with a pioneer in aerospace and looking forward to the journey ahead.

AWS marketplace listing#

We're excited to announce that QuestDB is now available on the AWS marketplace which is a catalog with software listings from independent vendors. It's now possible to launch QuestDB on the AWS Marketplace with an official listing supported by the QuestDB team.

QuestDB in AWS marketplace

To help with getting started using the AMI, we published a user guide which shows how to launch an instance and set up basics such as authentication, securing interfaces, and tips for accessing the REST API and web console.

AWS marketplace guide


We want to give a warm welcome to new members, we're happy to see you all in Slack and have you share your ideas, feedback, and activity on GitHub! Here's our community highlights in recent weeks:

As always, we want to show some appreciation for our community, and this means showing the love with some QuestDB swag whenever we can. We're happy to have members like Gábor be a part of the QuestDB journey and celebrate what we're building together:

Gábor with his QuestDB swag

Welcome onboard#

We're excited to announce that we have two new members joining QuestDB this month and we'd like to extend a warm welcome to Pei-Shan and Maciej who have started this week. We will be further growing the team in the near future, and the QuestDB careers page has details on all of our current openings.

Up next!#

After adding support for geospatial data, we are continuing development efforts on replication which will initially use a single-leader, multiple-replica pattern for high-availability. We are also investigating different avenues for providing native support for window functions which are useful for calculating moving averages or time-weighted averages.

We are keeping informed by what our users need by community feedback, and it's vital for helping us prioritize the product roadmap. Aside from window functions, a discussion that received a lot of interest on GitHub is the ability to support updates and deletes for correcting or updating data in bulk. To help us build our roadmap, join in the conversation and see what else our community are talking about on.

If you've any questions about this update, reach out and say hi on Slack.

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