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2020 is quickly drawing to an end and we'd like to wrap up the month on a high note with you. We've been working hard making QuestDB more reliable and extending the functionality in response to what our community expects from a high-performance time series database.

We have more exciting features, functionality, and content in recent weeks and we hope you enjoy reading about it.

Release: 5.0.5#

Software release version 5.0.5 contains highlights such as support for the Kafka JDBC connector, JDBC metadata queries, and SquirrelSQL support.

QuestDB now embeds a min HTTP server specifically for monitoring the server's health. Multiple additions extend SQL functionality, such as concatenation operators, dropping partitions based on boolean expressions, and support for record column types. The Cairo engine has also been enhanced with improvements to the block writer implementation and handling table metadata.

Fixes have landed relating to HTTP response codes and request queueing, logging and testing using Influx Line Protocol, and multiple SQL fixes.

As we've skimmed over some of the details, the full list of changes and the supplementary documentation for new features can be found in the 5.0.5 Release Notes page on GitHub.



We held our first webinar where we invited members of the community to join an AMA session with Vlad. The discussion focuses on technical topics and the future of QuestDB and can be viewed on YouTube . Thanks to everyone who joined, we will definitely host another session in the new year!

Open Core Summit:

Our CEO Nic will be speaking later today at the Open Core Summit about user adoption and starting an open source business with the help of the YC community.

Scaleway Podcast:

Nic spoke with Pascal Condamine at Scaleway in their podcast called Startup Stories about time series data and use cases with QuestDB. Listen to the podcast on Spotify via the Scaleway Blog.

Wayra Open World :

Nic took part in the Wayra Open World conference on how some of Europe’s leading investors think about & evaluate OSS startups. Details of watching this back will be shared in our next newsletter.

Blog: “Non-blocking IO without garbage collection”#

We recently published a writeup on our blog that describes the internals of our new network stack and why we built it. For those who are interested in how we avoided garbage collection, we went into the details of developing an IO notification system for delegating tasks to worker threads and queueing events and socket connections.

Read the article

Feature: Replication#

A well-anticipated feature that’s been on our backlog this year is replication support and development to facilitate this is progressing well. This is top of our list at the moment in terms of extending the functionality of QuestDB and we’re working super hard to get it shipped!


Adoption of QuestDB in production instances is increasing steadily with listed companies who operate in domains such as IoT, financial trading, industrial monitoring and machine learning.

One case study that we are proud to highlight is the experience from Toggle who massively cut costs of training machine learning models and benefited from performance improvements after their migration from InfluxDB. You can read about some of the new additions on our customer spotlight page linked below.

Read what our users say


We’re working with several people in the community to bring interesting new content that describes how to use QuestDB features and how to get the most from integrations with other platforms and tools. Our latest tutorial has been written by Kovid Rathee and describes how to ingest schemaless data with Python using Influx line protocol .

Welcome to new members#

Lastly, welcome all new members who joined our Slack and contributed on GitHub recently. We appreciate continuing the discussion over technical topics, opening GitHub issues and pull requests and helping to improve our implementations with the features you expect.

The QuestDB Team Grows#

Another great outcome of community contributions is that we have the opportunity to hire great talent when the chance arises. Specifically, we'd like to introduce Alex Pelagenko as one of our new QuestDB members who will be joining us in January 2021. Hiring Alex as a full-time engineer at QuestDB came about as a result of his great contributions to the project which he has also written about on our blog

Welcome to the team, Alex!

We're excited to see the community expanding, and we want to say thanks for being a part of it! If you’ve any questions about this update, feel free to reach out to us in our Slack Community.

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