Newsletter Nov 2022 - 6.5.5 Release with Contributions from Hacktoberfest

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QuestDB 6.5.5#

Since our last issue, we have had two releases: 6.5.4 and 6.5.5.

Thanks to Hacktoberfest 2022, we dedicated version 6.5.4 to our contributors, who have added several new SQL numeric and string functions to QuestDB.

In version 6.5.5, we added support for ISO week and improved the migration experience when importing CSV files exported from PostgreSQL or similar databases.

Kudos to @akki1306, @AnkitaMalik22, @ArjunSharda, @Arkaroy147, @Belair34, @bsnxsourav, @blackstar-baba, @DarthBenro008, @eigengravy, @jsoref, @Ln11211, @orensaldanha, @ShubhamPalriwala, @sklarsa, @sudiptog81, @Smartmind12, @Twilight-Shuxin, @TheZal, @VanshajPoonia for contributing to QuestDB!

QuestDB Kafka Connector#

We have just released the official QuestDB Connector for Apache Kafka! The connector reads data from Kafka topics and writes data to QuestDB tables.

If you are using both Kafka and QuestDB, you can get started here.

QuestDB Python Client 1.0.2#

We released a new patch for the QuestDB Python client library to support Python 3.11.

Tutorial: Data lifecycle with QuestDB#

For most time-series data applications, the value of each data point diminishes over time. Our contributor, Yitaek Hwang, explains how you can downsample data and detach or drop partitions when old data is no longer necessary in QuestDB.

Read the blog post.

QuestDB at Open Source Spotlight#

Open Source Spotlight is a Youtube series for developers to present and demo their open-source tools, hosted by DataTalks Club. Here is our session:

Community news#

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We're hiring!#

Our team is growing and we're on the lookout for new colleagues. Check out our careers to find out more.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest issue so far. If you'd like to provide your input on our newsletter or product, please reach out to our team members on the QuestDB Community Slack.

Thank you!

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