Newsletter Jul 2021 - QuestDB 6.0.4 and Prometheus integration

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It's been an exciting month at QuestDB HQ; we released software version 6.0.4 with basic Prometheus support, and we had continued community growth with new code contributions, issues, and tutorials. We also had the opportunity to join GitHub’s Director of Developer Advocacy Brian Douglas live on his stream to discuss time series data and QuestDB.

We were included in the top 20 fastest growing open source startups of Q2, and featured in multiple curated shortlists of open source projects to watch in 2021. Let’s take a look at these events and the rest of our monthly highlights!

6.0.4 Release#

Release version 6.0.4 focuses on community-driven topics raised by our users, including are performance improvements, increased parallelization of existing code, and calendar alignment for SAMPLE BY queries. We're also excited by the introduction of a framework for exposing Prometheus metrics by our community member Piotr Rżysko:

Screenshot of Prometheus dashboard showing data from QuestDB

The initial implementation adds a simple counter for the number of executed SQL queries. For more details on this release, including the full release notes, see the announcement blog post for 6.0.4.

QuestDB on the web#

Here's our highlights of places that we were featured on the web over the last few weeks:


Here are some of our latest tutorials from our community contributors which show how to use QuestDB with a variety of tools and technologies:


We want to give a warm welcome to new members, we're happy to see you all in Slack and have you share your ideas, feedback, and activity on GitHub!

We are happy with which is a fun and easy way to get involved on GitHub. Don't forget to our Community page for QuestDB swag if you're already a contributor!

We're hiring!#

We are on the lookout for new team members to join us as we continue improving the database internals and build out new features and functionality.

For more details alongside other open positions, see our Careers page.

Up next!#

To keep our roadmap informed by what our users need most, we want to have your feedback on support for streaming mechanisms or continuous queries instead of polling QuestDB for changes. A GitHub discussion that overlaps with this is. If we should focus on this, upvote and comment on the topic, or let us know if continuous queries or streaming should have different functionality.

As we take a look at other topics and issues, is one of the most-requested features by our community. Before we set out to support updates and deletes, development efforts are focused on replication alongside support for geospatial data.

If you've any questions about this update, reach out and say hi on Slack.

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