Newsletter Jul 2022 - First Release of QuestDB Cloud

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This month we take you through our latest release, QuestDB Cloud, our case study with a listed financial exchange, and news from our community.

QuestDB 6.4.2#

In this version, we add support for ILP to accept and parse double values with scientific notation, in addition to several maintenance fixes for Core, SQL engine, and the Web Console. Read the full release notes:

Starting from June 2022, you can expect more frequent product releases (every three weeks) from our engineering team.

QuestDB Cloud#

We are launching QuestDB Cloud! We will be onboarding our first customers in the coming weeks, please reach out if you are interested. You can learn more about the offering on the new QuestDB Cloud page.

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Aquis Exchange case study#

We published a new case study together with Aquis Exchange !

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Aquis Exchange operates pan-European cash equities trading businesses. They use QuestDB to store their infrastructure and business metrics in a single place and analyze them in real-time across multiple dimensions.

Read the case study.

Real-time analytics#

We published a new video tutorial about real-time analytics and anomaly detection with Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Grafana and QuestDB. Watch more here:

Community news#

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new community members. Happy to see you share your ideas and initiate discussions on Slack and GitHub!

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This month, we gladly welcome Amy Wang , who joined our team as a Technical Writer. 🚀

We hope you enjoy reading our latest issue so far. If you'd like to provide your input on our newsletter or product, please share your ideas on or reach out to our team members on the QuestDB Community Slack. Thank you!

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