Newsletter Jan 2022 - JIT Compiler and QuestDB Cloud

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Hi, we're excited to bring you another roundup of updates from the QuestDB team. Here are the topics we covered in this month's newsletter:

  • QuestDB 6.2
  • Just-in-time Compiler for SQL engine
  • QuestDB Cloud
  • Community updates
  • Team
  • What's next

6.2 Release#

This month we released QuestDB 6.2 ! This version includes a lot of changes, here are some highlights that have just landed in the latest version:

  • Add support for Java 17
  • Introduce Just-in-Time compiler for WHERE filter expressions
  • Add new LATEST BY SQL syntax
  • Optimize LIMIT SQL queries
  • Add table name autocomplete in the web console
  • Introduce fuzzing to improve ILP and Core stability
  • Simplify properties of network configuration

Special thanks to @firic, @OmgImAlexis, @yiwojiu, @ysdede , @KendrickAng, @PiotrDabkowski, @hschultz1960, @jfcalvo, @sammystevens1983 for reporting bugs and issues that make QuestDB better.

6.2 Walk-through

Just-in-Time compiler#

In QuestDB 6.2, our engineering team brings you a brand new JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler as a part of the SQL engine. The compiler aims to significantly improve the execution time for queries with simple arithmetic expressions used to filter your data.

It took us 11,000+ lines of code, 250+ commits, and many cups of coffee to ship this, and we've documented the story behind it in a blog post.

QuestDB Cloud#

A new page for QuestDB Cloud is now available on our website, visit the page and join our waiting list for early access.

Community updates#

We want to give a warm welcome to new community members, we're happy to see you share your ideas and feedback in Slack and on GitHub!

We'd also like to give a shout-out to the community members who continue to show their support; thank you @Svilen!

Screenshot of a LinkedIn post by Svilen Ivanov


This month, we also welcome new¬†additions to our team. We're happy to have Arijus ҆ukys, previously¬†at Wix, Bolek Ziobrowski, originally a QuestDB contributor, and Imre Aranyosi, previously¬†at UBS, joining¬†our engineering team. You will learn more about QuestDB as a company and the team on our new About us page on the website.

At QuestDB, we're always seeking talented individuals as we grow. Check out our Careers at QuestDB


Our engineering team plans to include UPDATE in our next release, meanwhile, we're working on replication, some further JIT-compiled filter performance improvements, and more. We hope you're excited about the features and functionality in version 6.2.

We are also actively seeking feedback from our users to better prioritize the product roadmap. If you'd like to provide your input, please share your ideas on or reach out to our team via our Slack.

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