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We're happy to share the latest updates about QuestDB on the web while we work on bringing version 6.0.0 to fruition, and we hope you enjoy the latest content from recent weeks.

Version 6.0.0 incoming#

Over the last few weeks, we've been working hard to bring QuestDB version 6.0.0 to our users, including massive performance improvements on ingestion and long-awaited feature requests.

One highly-anticipated addition coming in 6.0.0 is of out-of-order inserts , meaning timestamped data does not have to arrive in chronological order at QuestDB. This functionality will allow us to re-order data on-the-fly while keeping time-based arrays as our storage model.

Stay tuned for our official announcement of version 6.0.0 and an upcoming webinar that we will host, which will detail the release highlights and describe the performance enhancements it contains.


Our latest minor release with incremental improvements required by some of our production users. Along with new additions, fixes landed relating to table metadata, vector frame calculations, and Piotr Rżysko submitted changes which allows enhanced support for operators comparing and matching timestamps. Thanks Piotr for your additions!

QuestDB on the web#

We have the following editorials to share where we're happy to be featured:

  • Tech Republic published a feature piece by AWS Principal Matt Asay which outlines QuestDB's OSS model and business strategy
  • Konstantin Vinogradov wrote a piece about open source databases featuring QuestDB and the importance of community contributions
  • Frontline featured QuestDB in their article about trends sweeping the software world
  • The Startup featured our tutorial on a realtime crypto tracker with Kafka and QuestDB
  • Kovid Rathee wrote a great article about the right scenario to use a time series database

Early adopters#

We've been making strides in recent months in the DB-Engines ranking, which is often an early indicator of databases' adoption by organizations and users. We have jumped to position 16 this month in the popularity index of time series databases. This puts us directly behind Alibaba Cloud TSDB and Amazon Timestream:

A screenshot of QuestDB ranking on db-engines
DB-Engines Ranking of Time Series DBMS


For a quick summary of what the last month looked like, here's a small overview of February in numbers:

  • 250+ new stargazers on the QuestDB repository on GitHub
  • 70+ new developers joined our community on Slack with;
  • 3,000+ messages in our Slack workspace

We had great discussions with the community on our public slack channel about migrating to QuestDB, what projects are currently being worked on by our users, and technical details on how math operations are implemented in QuestDB.

We've had users such as Tamás Demeter-Haludka raise issues about the supported libraries to use for Postgres wire protocol in Go, and we had two first-time contributors Siddhesh Laktar and Piotr Rżysko submit contributions which have been merged to QuestDB!

Big thanks to our community members for the discussions, feedback, and additions!


Our new Tutorials page is growing with more fresh community contributions that show how to use QuestDB in various exciting use cases. Since our last email update, we have had two excellent tutorials from Yitaek Hwang, who has built example applications that simplify complex stacks with docker compose to accompany the step-by-step guides.

The latest additions from Yitaek are:

All QuestDB Tutorials


Capacity planning is considered part of deployment requirements to forecast CPU, memory, and network capacity depending on your environment's expected demands. The capacity planning documentation describes how to configure these system resources with example scenarios for edge cases and standard configuration to ensure a QuestDB deployment is robust and efficient.

QuestDB gains another member#

We're happy to introduce Francesco Menzani as a new QuestDB member who joins us from March 1st as a full-time engineer. Hiring Francesco at QuestDB came about due to his outstanding contributions to the project, and we're happy to have him on board. Welcome to the team, Francesco!

We're excited to see our team, the users, and our community grow, and we want to say thanks for being a part of the journey! If you’ve any questions about this update, reach out to us and say hi on Slack.

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