Newsletter Mar 2022 - 6.3 Release and C Client Library for ILP

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QuestDB 6.3#

QuestDB 6.3 is on the horizon. In this version, we'll be including several exciting improvements for Core and SQL specifically.

For Core, we're adding:

  • column versioning support in storage
  • ability to do filesystem snapshots
  • callbacks on the creation of new partitions

As for SQL functionalities, we will introduce one of the most anticipated features, UPDATE operation in SQL. Other additions include:

  • comparison operators for long256 type
  • support of IS NULL and IS NOT NULL

To get your hands on the upcoming version, pay close attention to our GitHub repository.

QuestDB C/C++ ILP Library 1.0#

Our first release of the InfluxDB Line Protocol client library for C and C++ is here:

  • Connects to QuestDB over TCP and inserts data into tables.
  • Performs up-front data validation.

Get started on the project's GitHub page.


Our monthly picks of crypto data tutorials, contributed by our community members Tancrede Collard and Yitaek Hwang:

QuestDB meetup rewind#

Our community meetup for Q1 2022 was a blast! We had a great Show&Tell about time series analysis in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries. In the second part, our core database engineers shared tips about ILP performance optimization. Check out the recording:

Community news#

We want to give a warm welcome to new community members. Happy to see you share your ideas and initiate discussions on Slack and GitHub!

  • On our community Slack, we created new channels #users-crypto-finance and #contributors that are dedicated to developers from the crypto space and open source contributors.
  • Cryptofeed, a popular Python library for handling cryptocurrency exchange feed now supports QuestDB. Thanks to the project creator, Bryan Moscon.
  • Our CTO, Vlad Ilyushchenko, will be presenting QuestDB at CMU Database Talks on April 11, 2022. Save the date and join us!
  • QuestDB team will attend the AWS Summit London on April 27, 2022.
  • We'd also like to give a shout-out to the community members who continue to show their support; thank you @dnsmichi!

Screenshot of a tweet from @dnsmichi


This month, we welcome Sandro Büchel, who joined as Operations Manager, and Jaromir Hamala, who joined as Core Database Engineer. Meanwhile, we're always on the lookout for passionate people as our new colleagues. You can find our current openings on the career page.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest issue so far. If you'd like to provide your input on our newsletter or product, please share your ideas on or reach out to our team members on the QuestDB Community Slack. Thank you!

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