Newsletter Nov 2021 - Yahoo case study and Series A

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We're happy to bring you our roundup of updates from QuestDB HQ, including the latest releases with new SQL features, our community meetup with guest speakers from Yahoo and BIBA, our Series A announcement, and recent milestones such as hitting 7,000+ stargazers on Github. Let's take a look at our highlights!

6.1.1 Release#

We shipped software version 6.1.1 this month, and it focuses on stability and bug fixes through further testing and error prevention. All known stability issues relating to the ILP ingestion protocol are resolved, with several new SQL functions to improve usability:

  • left() and right() SQL string¬†functions
  • ceil() and floor() functions
  • strpos() function
  • constant expression support in SAMPLE BY periods

Release notes

Yahoo case study#

Together with Jon Bratseth, VP Architect at Yahoo, we published a case study that describes how QuestDB is used for real-time recommendation and personalization engines that serve close to a billion users at a rate of 500k queries per second.

Alongside the case study, we were pleased to have Jon present at our community meetup as a guest speaker, where he talked us through the architecture and deployments of this system. For those who missed it, a recording is available on YouTube to watch back on-demand.

Series A#

We're thrilled to announce that QuestDB has successfully raised a \$12M Series A from leaders and executives in the open-source space! This will enable us to continue powering high-performance applications and grow the team in the coming months. Our funding round was covered by multiple outlets which reported on this story, including TechCrunch, Venture Beat, Business Insider, SiliconANGLE, TechTarget, and Yahoo! Finance.

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We'd like to extend a huge thank you to our fantastic users, our community, and our teammates whose support has delivered us this far!


We want to give a warm welcome to new members, we're happy to see you all in Slack and have you share your ideas, feedback, and activity on GitHub! Here are our community highlights from recent weeks:

As usual, we also want have a shout-out to our community members who have supported us. Thank you @Shudh for showing your love!

QuestDB Team#

This month, we're excited to welcome Andrey to our team as Core Database Engineer. QuestDB is growing rapidly and we're seeking talented individuals as we grow.

Our team member Miguel published a blog post sharing why he joined QuestDB. If you feel inspired reading this post, be sure to check out our careers page below.

Careers at QuestDB


Our engineering team is now adding UPDATE and DELETE support to QuestDB, which will unlock multiple use cases across various domains.

We are also staying informed on what our users need by gathering feedback to help us prioritize the product roadmap. If you'd like to provide your input, please add your thoughts on or reach out to our team in #users-public in our Slack.

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