How to use QuestDB from the binaries

This guides shows how to install QuestDB using the binaries and how to start using the server.


For complete information on how to use QuestDB's binary, please refer to the Binaries

Setup QuestDB

You need Java 11. You can check your installation as follows:

java -version

If you do not already have Java installed, download and install the package for your architecture. You will also need to download QuestDB binaries.

OpenJDKOpenJDK download page
Oracle JavaOracle download page
QuestDB binariesDownload from GitHub

The QuestDB binaries come as a tarball which needs to be extracted:

Extract the tarball
tar -xvf questdb-5.0.3-no-jre-bin.tar.gz

Start QuestDB

Navigate to the directory created in the previous step:

cd questdb-5.0.3-no-jre-bin.tar.gz

To start the QuestDB server service, run the following:

./ start

This will run QuestDB with the following root directory:



You can use the following to get the status of the QuestDB service.

questdb status

Using QuestDB

Here are some guides to get started using the QuestDB service. These will show you how to import data and run queries

Stop QuestDB

Stop the QuestDB service as follows:

./ stop