How to use QuestDB with Homebrew

This guide shows how to use Homebrew to install and start QuestDB. This is a quick guide. For more reference, please refer to our Homebrew package.

Installing Homebrew

If you already have Homebrew installed, you can skip this part.

To install Homebrew, run the following.

Install Homebrew
/bin/bash -c \
"$(curl -fsSL"

Installing QuestDB

The command below will install the questdb service.

brew install questdb

Starting QuestDB

Run the below to start the QuestDB service. The service will run in the background.

questdb start

This service will create the default root directory in /usr/local/var/questdb/. For a reference of startup options, please refer to our Homebrew package.


QuestDB will start and run in the background and continue running even if you close the session. You will need to actively stop it.


You can use the following to get the status of the QuestDB service:

questdb status

Using QuestDB

Here are some guides to get started using the QuestDB service. These will show you how to import data and run queries:

Stopping QuestDB

To stop the QuestDB service, run the following:

questdb stop

Uninstalling QuestDB

To uninstall the QuestDB service, run:

questdb uninstall