Get started with QuestDB

You can find below download links for the latest version of QuestDB (5.0.3). Once your download is finished, run QuestDB and use the Web Console guide to get started.

Latest Release: 5.0.3 (September 9, 2020)

Linux Logo


64-bit rt - 23.0 MB

macOS Logo

macOS (via Homebrew)

brew update
brew install questdb
Windows Logo


64-bit rt - 20.2 MB

BSD Logo


64-bit rt - 21.1 MB

Planet with wings

Any (no JVM)

64-bit 3.4 MB

Docker logo


docker run -p 9000:9000 questdb/questdb

Documentation on Docker Hub

Helm logo

Kubernetes (via Helm)

helm repo add questdb
helm install questdb/questdb --version 0.2.4

Documentation on ArtifactHub

Maven logo


Gradle logo


implementation 'org.questdb:questdb:5.0.3'
SQL statement in a code editor with an artistic view of the query result shown as a chart and a table

How does it work

QuestDB is distributed as a single binary. You can download either:

The "rt" version, this includes a trimmed JVM so you do not need anything else (~ 23.0 MB)

The binary itself (~ 3.4 MB), without the JVM. In this case, you need Java 11 installed locally

To find out more about how to use the binaries, please check the dedicated documentation.

Check out the v5.0.3 CHANGELOG for information on the latest release.