Case Study

Aquis Exchange uses QuestDB for real-time monitoring

QuestDB is used by Aquis Exchange to store their infrastructure and business metrics in a single place and analyze them in real-time across multiple dimensions.

High Throughput
High ingestion throughput with contained infra costs
Real-Time Analytics
Fast queries alongside constant ingestion speed
Seamless Integration
Plug and play with Grafana via PostgreSQL interface
Logo of Aquis Stock Exchange
Overall Market Metrics using Grafana dashboards

Massive market management

Aquis Exchange

Aquis Exchange is a financial exchange that operates pan-European cash equities trading businesses, provides primary and secondary markets for equity and debt products, and develops exchange software for third parties. They Capture every tick, every trade, every latency metric with QuestDB.

Real-Time Monitoring
Aquis trusts QuestDB for real-time market analysis.

Real-time in no time

Grafana without skipping a beat

Aquis uses the Grafana integration to monitor millions of actions.

Description of the image
Grafana integration
First-party Grafana integration for real-time dashboards.
SQL out!
Query QuestDB via SQL with premium time-series extensions in real-time.
Cost effective
Massive throughput, minimal hardware. Trust your foundation.

"QuestDB is a time series database truly built by developers for developers. It provides a unicorn solution to handle extreme transactions per second while also offering a simplified SQL programming interface."

Viet Lee
CTO at Aquis Exchange

Empowered architecture

Aquis Exchange relies on QuestDB

Time-series data requires specialized handling. From deduplication, out-of-order indexing and high-cardinality data handling, QuestDB has it covered. Millions of market events are ingested via the InfluxDB Line Protocol and queried using familiar, extended SQL on the way out.

Architecture diagram with QuestDB and Grafana to ingest and query market data and latency metrics from Aquis Exchange

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