Success Stories

These are some of the most innovative stories from our users highlighting how QuestDB is powering the core infrastructure of companies working with time-series data.

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What our users say about QuestDB

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Yahoo logo“We use QuestDB to monitor metrics for autoscaling decisions within our ML engine that provides search, recommendation, and personalization via models and aggregations on continuously-changing data.”- Jon Bratseth, YahooView full case study logo“We switched from InfluxDB to QuestDB to get queries that are on average 300x faster utilizing 1/4 of the hardware, without ever overtaxing our servers.”- Armenak Mayalian, ToggleView full case study

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Datron logo“QuestDB offers new possibilities while reducing costs and simplifying data analysis.”- Tim Borowski, DATRONView full case study

Innova logo“QuestDB allows us to query data while writing millions of records. It is an excellent database for time series analysis, calculation of aggregates and can efficiently store our data.”- Erdem Aydemir, InnovaView full case study

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