Success Stories

Here we bring you a collection of stories highlighting how QuestDB is powering the core infrastructure of companies dealing with time-series data.

People co-working on a dashboard logoYCombinator logoSavvy logoEpisode 1 logo7pc logoChainslayer logoKima logoSeedcamp logo logo“We switched from InfluxDB to QuestDB to get queries that are on average 300x faster utilizing 1/4 of the hardware, without ever overtaxing our servers.”- Armenak Mayalian, CTOView full case study

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Innova logo

QuestDB allows us to query data while writing one million data points every 15 mins. It is an excellent database for time-based calculation of records with static columns and can store the data very efficiently. QuestDB’s community is constantly growing and the its popularity is on the rise.

Erdem Aydemir
Software EngineerInnova

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QuestDB is the most promising open source platform for time series analytics. It's thoughtfully designed to be both wicked fast and easy to use.

Nick Scolum
Senior Software EngineerSamtec

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I am honestly impressed by the database’s performance and simplicity - we are thinking of moving some of our real time workloads to QuestDB.

Venkatesan Vaidhyanathan
Senior Technical ArchitectRazorpay

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QuestDB is the cornerstone of our offering. The SQL interface with timeseries functions like ASOF join is brilliant. It’s speed and small footprint make it perfect for containerized environments. And the UI looks absolutely amazing.

Tjerk Stroband

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Working with QuestDB is a breeze. This innovative time-series database excels with integration into existing environments. Supporting multiple open interfaces, such REST and the PG wire protocol, while not relying on any client driver, makes it easy to work with the OS and language of choice.

Marc Recht