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Here are the most innovative stories from our users highlighting how QuestDB is powering the core infrastructure of companies working with time-series data.

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What our users say about QuestDB

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Syndica logo

Syndica logoQuestDB is the database for real-time analytics and time-series dashboards at Syndica.View full case study

Central Group logoQuestDB is the core engine driving real-time analytics data for Central Group, the largest retail company in Asia.View full case study

Central Group logo
Airtel XStream Play, an OTT video streaming app

Airtel logo"Since adopting QuestDB, processing 500M records daily has become a breeze."- Ajay Pilaniya, Lead Media AnalyticsView full case study

Aquis Exchange logo“QuestDB is a time series database truly built by developers for developers. We found that QuestDB provides a unicorn solution to handle extreme transactions per second while also offering a simplified SQL programming interface.”- Viet Lee, CTO, AquisView full case study

Aquis logo

Prediko logo“At Prediko, we need to give our customers a platform to digest, manipulate, and aggregate millions of data points in milliseconds. QuestDB stands up to and surpasses our requirements, with the ease of use SQL provides.”- Nicolas Sabatier, Co-founder and CTO of PredikoView full case study

Copenhagen Atomics logo“QuestDB was our choice for real time data due to high performance, open source, high flexibility and great support. Performance was significantly better than the competition and we believe that QuestDB will become market leading.”- Lasse Tarp, Software Group Manager, Copenhagen AtomicsView full case study

Copenhagen Atomics

Invezo logo“Our customers value a low-latency API, so speed is extremely important to us. With QuestDB, our ingestion rate is 5x faster and query execution time went from minutes to milliseconds“- Emmett Miller, Co-founder, InvezoView full case study

Yahoo logo“We use QuestDB to monitor metrics for autoscaling decisions within our ML engine that provides search, recommendation, and personalization via models and aggregations on continuously-changing data.”- Jon Bratseth, VP Architect, YahooView full case study

Yahoo logo
Logo for liveaction AI's network threat detection suite ThreatEye

LiveAction logo“QuestDB is impressive and stands out as a superior option. We use it as the basis of our time series analytics for network threat detection.”- Randy Caldejon, VP, ThreatEye Product Development, LiveActionView full case study

TQS Integration logo“TQS Integration uses QuestDB in data architecture solutions for clients in Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Energy, and Renewables. We use QuestDB when we require a time series database that’s simple and efficient for data collection, contextualization, visualization, and analytics.”- Holger Amort, Senior Data Scientist, TQS IntegrationView full case study

A graphic with the logo of TQS Integration
Comparison of AI and chess to investing logo“We switched from InfluxDB to QuestDB to get queries that are on average 300x faster utilizing 1/4 of the hardware, without ever overtaxing our servers.”- Armenak Mayalian, CTO, ToggleView full case study

Datron logo“QuestDB offers new possibilities while reducing costs and simplifying data analysis.”- Tim Borowski, DATRONView full case study

A CNC milling machine built by DATRON
An photo of a cellphone with the Turk Telekom logo

Turk Telekom logo“QuestDB allows us to query data while writing millions of records. It is an excellent database for time series analysis, calculation of aggregates and can efficiently store our data.”- Erdem Aydemir, Software Engineer, Innova (TürkTelekom)View full case study