Use cases and industries

QuestDB solves ingestion speed bottlenecks, combining performance with simplicity through SQL and native time series extensions.

Financial market data

Financial market data

Long-term storage and real-time analysis for constantly flowing financial tick data

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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Collect high cardinality data from vast industrial plant sensors to space vehicles

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Monitoring & analytics

Monitoring & analytics

Observability of time series data from applications and infrastructure

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Financial market data

  • Trade monitoring: long-term market data storage and real-time analysis for orders and trades
  • Create valuable custom charts with Grafana, like our real-time Coinbase crypto dashboard.
  • Fast aggregations for OHLC and candlestick charts
  • Financial data modelling: fast ingest & retrieval of pandas data frames
  • Infrastructure and business metrics: latency reports, PnL, log orders and trades
  • Match and correlate multiple feeds with fuzzy timestamp JOINs

Applicable industries

  • Banks
  • Hedge funds
  • Exchanges
  • Energy trading firms
  • Financial data platforms

QuestDB is used by Aquis Exchange to store their infrastructure and business metrics in a single place and analyze them in real-time across multiple dimensions.

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Industrial IoT

  • Store high-cardinality sensor data with continuous data ingestion
  • Process metrics in the manufacturing process, such as vibration, pressure and temperature
  • Telemetry data from space launch vehicles such as rockets or satellites
  • Batteries consumption data directly from the physical batteries on-site
  • React to industrial anomalies in real time with our Grafana dashboard integration
  • Track fleets and trajectories of aircraft, cargo ships or satellites with native geospatial features
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Copenhagen Atomics, manufacturer of next generation molten salt reactors, uses QuestDB to monitor their thorium reactors in real time.

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Applicable industries

  • Energy and Renewables
  • Space and Defence
  • Telematics
  • Manufacturing and Automation
  • Telco Network base stations
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Monitoring and analytics

  • API usage data real-time monitoring
  • Network traffic flow analysis with the native IPv4 data type
  • Track Ad Impressions, Clicks, and Conversions
  • In-app behavioural data and product application analytics
  • Build real-time dashboards with on-the-fly aggregations and down-sampling

Applicable industries

  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • E-commerce
  • Ad-Tech
  • Blockchain / Web 3
  • Telecommunication Traffic

See how Syndica builds Web3 with QuestDB for real-time analytics and intensive time series dashboards.

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