Use cases and industries

QuestDB offers high throughput ingestion and real-time SQL queries for applications in a wide range of use cases and industries

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Monitoring and Real-time analytics

Monitoring and Real-time analytics

Observability, monitoring and analytics for time series data generated from infrastructure and software applications

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Financial market data

Financial market data

Processing billions of rows of high-frequency tick data in milliseconds and exploring vasts datasets of market data on the fly

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Industrial analytics

Industrial analytics

Collecting high-frequency metrics at scale from rockets, plants, machinery, fleets or any type of IIoT sensor

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Monitoring and Real-time analytics

  • On the fly aggregations and downsampling for real-time dashboards
  • DevOps monitoring and alerting
  • Network traffic flow analysis and machine learning based threat detection
  • In-product application analytics
  • Real-time SQL queries computed on data streams
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Applicable industries

  • DevOps/Networks
  • Blockchain / Web 3
  • SaaS applications
  • E-commerce
  • Cyber security

QuestDB is used by LiveAction as a time series database for storing flow and encrypted traffic metadata analyzed by their real-time threat detection engine.

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Financial market data

  • Real-time market data with dashboard integrations
  • Fast aggregations for OHLC and candlestick charts
  • Drill down large historical datasets to analyze the market
  • Financial modelling with python and machine learning libraries
  • Match and correlate multiple feeds with fuzzy timestamp JOINs

Applicable industries

  • Crypto (Exchanges, Intelligence, Funds)
  • FinTech (Asset/Wealth Management, AI predictions)
  • Trading (FX, Equity, Commodity)

QuestDB is used by Aquis Exchange to store their infrastructure and business metrics in a single place and analyze them in real-time across multiple dimensions.

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Industrial analytics

  • Store high frequency sensor data with continuous data ingestion
  • Process metrics in the manufacturing process: vibrations, pressure, temperatures, pH levels
  • Monitor electricity readings for usage insights
  • Track fleets of autonomous cars, aircrafts or cargo ships with native geospatial features
  • React to industrial anomalies in real-time
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Copenhagen Atomics, manufacturer of next generation molten salt reactors, uses QuestDB to monitor their thorium reactors in real time.

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Applicable industries

  • Energy (Power plants, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Utilities)
  • Space & Defence (Rockets, Satellites, Maritime, Aerospace)
  • Transportation and Mobility (Autonomous cars, Freight transport, Drones, Logistics)
  • Manufacturing & Automation (Semiconductors, Digital factories, pre-processing plants, Robotics)
  • Telco (Network base stations)