Case Study

Copenhagen Atomics trusts QuestDB for real-time monitoring

Copenhagen Atomics, manufacturer of next generation molten salt reactors, uses QuestDB to monitor their thorium reactors in real time.

Optimised SQL query performance
Efficient SQL queries for real-time monitoring.
High Throughput
High-throughput ingestion with official client libraries.
Scalable Infrastructure
Deployment on Azure using Kubernetes Helm chart.
Overview of Copenhagen Atomics' reactors
Avg ingested rows/sec
Write speed vs InfluxDB
Compression ratio
Cloud up-time
Copenhagen Atomics' software stack architecture

Advanced Reactor Monitoring

Copenhagen Atomics

Copenhagen Atomics uses QuestDB for real-time monitoring of their next-generation molten salt reactors. QuestDB provides the reliable and efficient data infrastructure needed for efficient reactor monitoring and anomaly detection.

Anomaly Detection
Monitor IoT sensors in real-time with QuestDB.
AVG(aircon) AS aircon,
AVG(ac01_temperature) AS ac01_temperature,
AVG(dc01_temperature) AS dc01_temperature
timestamp BETWEEN
AND '2022-08-26T08:01:15.104Z'

Real-Time Reactor Monitoring

High-Throughput Queries for Safety and Efficiency

Copenhagen Atomics monitors their reactors in real-time with QuestDB. The following query is used to aggregate sensor data over time.

Reactor Monitoring

Optimized for Safety and Efficiency

Copenhagen Atomics relies on QuestDB for real-time monitoring of their reactors.

Copenhagen Atomics' monitoring system
IoT Sensor Monitoring
Real-time IoT sensor monitoring for anomaly detection.
Community Support
Active and supportive open source community.
Efficient Architecture
Massive throughput with minimal hardware.
Logo of Copenhagen Atomics

"QuestDB was our choice for real time data due to high performance, open source, high flexibility and great support. Performance was significantly better than the competition and we believe that QuestDB will become market leading."

Lasse Tarp
Software Group Manager, Copenhagen Atomics

Secure and Efficient Architecture

Copenhagen Atomics relies on QuestDB

Time-series data requires specialized handling - especially when nuclear power is involved! QuestDB provides the performance and reliability needed for secure, efficient monitoring of nuclear reactors in real-time.

Monitoring graph for IoT devices

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