QuestDB Cloud Pricing

With QuestDB Cloud we bring elasticity, availability
and security with a fully managed Cloud offering

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Entry Level

Perfect to get started quickly
$0.366per hour
CPU2 Cores
Indicative pricing with 25 GB storage


Offers better performance for demanding applications
$0.686per hour
CPU4 Cores
Indicative pricing with 50 GB storage

High Performance

Handle heavy duty writes and reads
$1.893per hour
CPU16 Cores
Indicative pricing with 100 GB storage

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None of the plans work for you?

Pick the best fitting specs.
Choose up to 196 vCPUs256 GB RAM and 16 TB storage.

Coming soon
Coming soon
Ohio (us-east-2)
2 cores8 GB25 GB$0.366/hr
2 cores8 GB100 GB$0.431/hr
4 cores16 GB50 GB$0.686/hr
4 cores16 GB100 GB$0.727/hr
8 cores32 GB100 GB$1.049/hr
8 cores32 GB250 GB$1.169/hr
16 cores64 GB100 GB$1.893/hr
16 cores64 GB250 GB$2.005/hr
32 cores128 GB250 GB$3.812/hr
32 cores128 GB500 GB$3.989/hr
Contact us if your application requires more resources.

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Self-hosting for enterprise

We got you covered.
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Open Source

Query our demo dataset with live ingestion and 1.6 billion rows or install on your server.
QuestDB is open source and free to use.

Bring Your Own Cloud

Install QuestDB Cloud infrastructure on your premises.