QuestDB Pricing

Open Source

Apache 2.0 License
  • Fast ingest, dynamic schema
  • Sub-second SQL queries
  • Excels with high-cardinality data
  • Time-series SQL extensions
$200 credit for new users

QuestDB Cloud

Fully hosted by QuestDB
from$0.345per hour
$252per month (est)
  • Up to 80% compression ratio
  • Elastic & highly available
  • Role-based permissions
  • Explore pricing

QuestDB Enterprise

Self-hosted, custom specs
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for a quote
  • Security and permissions
  • High availability
  • Kubernetes operator
  • Enterprise SLAs
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Easy to use on every scale

A G2 High Performer Winter 2023 badge

Explore QuestDB Cloud pricing options

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$248 (est)

per month ($0.340/hour)
Equivalent to 80 GB of uncompressed storage, saving up to $53/month.
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