QuestDB Enterprise

For time-series at hyper-scale

Everything from high-performance QuestDB open source, with advanced security and access features. Scale the globe with multi-primary writes and highly-available fault tolerance. All that and more, backed by the expert team at QuestDB.

Demo this query
timestamp, symbol,
first(price) AS open,
last(price) AS close,
sum(amount) AS volume
FROM trades
WHERE timestamp > dateadd('d', -1, now())

QuestDB, engage!

Premium Enterprise features

Run QuestDB at scale, with full support from QuestDB's creators

Highly available

Multi-primary writes and read-replicas

Robust security

TLS and Role-based Access Control

Cold storage

Reduce costs with cold storage

Active Directory/SSO

Easy integration with existing access control

Expert support

Straight from the creators of QuestDB

Deploy anywhere

Cloud, on-prem, hybrid, or BYOC

QuestDB leaps forward

Peak performance through open formats

Globally distributed, hyper-fast next generation database

Sassy QDB dashboard
Open formats
Leverages existing open formats. No vendor lock-in.
Apache Parquet
Enhanced compression and encoding, for ingress or egress.
Super read/write
In-memory processing via Apache Arrow, combined with SQL.
Full stream
Stream market data in from feeds or sensors, apply Parquet on read
Direct to Parquet?
Bypass QuestDB ingest, query Parquet directly from the object store
Versatile ecosystem
Diverse clients connect to your data, app, AI and ML frameworks

Highly available and fault tolerant

Resilient, distributed reads and writes

Multi-primary configuration and parallel Write-Ahead Logging (WAL), for high-throughput, asynchronous replication.

Data is replicated across one or more regions via durable storage solutions like S3, Azure Blob, NFS, or HDFS.

Keep it secret, keep it safe

Enterprise-grade security

Security is essential. QuestDB offers TLS and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Ensure data is safe over-the-wire, and apply fine-grained control over who can access which databases, tables or columns, and whether they can read or write. For inter-machine communication, leverage safe service accounts.

Copenhagen Atomics case study
Trust is paramount. Learn how Copenhagen Atomics uses QuestDB to build and monitor next generation molten-salt nuclear reactors.

Available how you need it

Self-hosted or bring-your-own cloud

Run QuestDB next to sensors, in your infrastructure, or anywhere

Sassy QDB dashboard
Cloud ready
Access QuestDB from your existing GCP, AWS or Azure patterns.
Light-weight binary
Deploy your way. Helm chart, container, it's your choice.
Bring your own cloud
Your own fully featured control and creation plane.

Ready to upgrade?

All that, and peak time-series performance

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