Case Study

Central Group leverages QuestDB for real-time analytics

QuestDB is the core engine driving real-time analytics data for Central Group, the largest retail company in Asia.

Superior performance
Fastest overall performance for user traffic and dashboard queries
Easy Grafana integration
Set up Grafana dashboards and panels easily with PostgreSQL Wire Protocol support
Lower hardware costs
Since production deployment, Central Group has not increased CPU or RAM usage
Central Group's major footprints in Thailand.
Avg ingested rows/sec
Write speed vs InfluxDB
Compression ratio
Cloud up-time
Central Group dashboard leveraging QuestDB

Analytics at scale

Time-series data, handled

Central Group aggregates data from online and offline sources, delivering insights via actionable dashboards to its business units. Millions of users browser their properties daily, from various devices. Performance, accuracy and stability are paramount.

Real-Time Monitoring
QuestDB enables Central Group to monitor their data in real-time, helping them respond to market trends.

"InfluxDB could not accommodate the input scale our APIs demand. Similarly, our in-out requirement was higher than the capacity provided by Google Suite. SingleStore did not provide any sensible recovery mechanisms when the system crashed, and it was also costly. In the end, QuestDB stood out."

Clovis Warlop
Head of R&D, Central Group

Real-time in no time

Familiar SQL for Grafana

Central Group uses the Grafana integration to monitor millions of actions.

Description of the image
Grafana integration
First-party Grafana integration for real-time dashboards.
SQL out!
Query QuestDB via SQL with premium time-series extensions in real-time.
Cost effective
Massive throughput, minimal hardware. Trust your foundation.

The heart of your command centre

QuestDB powers Central Group's Business Control Tower

Central Group trusts QuestDB at the core of their business analytics. With time-series features like deduplication, out-of-order indexing, and handling of high cardinality data, Central Group can now monitor their growing data in real-time. All with minimal hardware creep.

Central Group's Business Control Tower architecture

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