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TQS Integration uses QuestDB for industrial telemetry data

TQS Integration uses QuestDB as their time series database to store sensor data in the cloud infrastructure of modern pharmaceutical production processing facilities.

Massively reduced costs
Massively reduced database deployment and maintenance costs
High throughput
Reliably ingest hundreds of thousands of events per second
Developer friendly
Integrations with developer tools to easily insert and query data
TQS Integration overview
Avg ingested rows/sec
Write speed vs InfluxDB
Compression ratio
Cloud up-time
TQS Integration software overview

Modern Industrial Analytics

TQS Integration

TQS Integration builds reference architecture for software applications dealing with industrial telemetry that produce and process hundreds of thousands of events per second. They trust QuestDB as their time series database for data visualization, real-time analytics, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance
TQS Integration enables predictive maintenance through time-series analysis with QuestDB.

Industrial Telemetry

Powerful and Efficient Analytics

TQS Integration builds reference architecture for telemetry and relies on QuestDB.

Description of the image
Real-time in no time
Real-time dashboards require top performance data ingestion.
SQL out!
Query QuestDB via SQL with premium time-series extensions in real-time.
Efficient architecture
Massive throughput, minimal hardware. Grow slow, scale fast.

"TQS Integration uses QuestDB in data architecture solutions for clients in the Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Energy, and Renewables industries. We use QuestDB when we require a time series database that’s simple and efficient for data collection, contextualization, visualization, and analytics."

Holger Amort
Senior Data Scientist at TQS Integration

Advanced Analytics

TQS Integration relies on QuestDB

TQS Integration builds advanced analytics and data architecture for high-throughput telemetry. QuestDB provides a reliable foundation with simple and efficient data collection. Deduplication, out-of-order indexing, and efficiency even under heavy workloads. That's QuestDB.

High frequency data in TQS Integration systems

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