Calling on our community members to help us support Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

There is a lot of Ukraine in QuestDB: Our co-founder Vlad and two of our engineers, Alex and Eugene, are both Ukrainians. This is our response and our call on all our users to join us in helping the people of Ukraine.

Eugene was working from his home in Kyiv - the war now forced him and his family to hide in a bunker. Last Thursday he managed to join our daily standup call in between bombardments and we were glad to see him alive and well. Our collective prayers go to him and his family.

We deplore the situation and are focussed on supporting our employees. With the help of other communities we are evaluating the best options for our employees and their families, offering logistical support and providing the latest security updates.

We also call on all our users to join us in helping the people of Ukraine - together, we can make an impact.

  • The following website is a source of information to help people in need through donations and other means.
  • A fellow Y Combinator founder is in Moldova and Romania to help on the ground and is currently raising funds.

We thank all our stakeholders, users and community members for your support during these challenging times.

We hope that peace gets restored in the region quickly.

QuestDB team

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