Case Study

DATRON leverages QuestDB for high-volume time-series data

DATRON migrated from InfluxDB to QuestDB to handle their data ingestion requirements and reduce costs.

High-throughput ingestion
Achieving superior performance with high-frequency sensor data.
Out-of-the-box solution
Docker image for easy and turnkey deployment.
Cost reduction
QuestDB allowed DATRON to do more with less hardware.
A CNC machine built by DATRON milling aluminum.
Avg ingested rows/sec
Write speed vs InfluxDB
Compression ratio
Cloud up-time
DATRON's QuestDB architecture for sensor data.

Real-Time Monitoring

High-volume sensor data management

DATRON uses QuestDB to store and analyze high-frequency sensor data from their CNC machines. Their setup ensures continuous monitoring with massive ingestion rates at the data layer.

High-Performance Data Store
QuestDB efficiently handles high-throughput time-series data.

"QuestDB offers new possibilities while reducing costs and simplifying data analysis at DATRON."

Tim Borowski
Lead Developer, DATRON

High-performance CNC data ingestion

Effortless high-throughput data handling

DATRON uses QuestDB for CNC sensor data with superior performance.

A DATRON CNC machine in action
Out-of-the-box solution
Deploy QuestDB effortlessly using Docker.
SQL capabilities
Powerful querying with native time-series SQL extensions.
Optimized for ingestion
QuestDB efficiently ingests high-frequency data.

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