An open-source project that thrives on collaboration and quality

We’re super proud of the QuestDB community and everything our contributors do

As a way of saying "thank you" for being part of the journey, we want to offer contributors some of our stickers, pins, t-shirts, and awesome virtual swag.

Stay up to date with all things QuestDB

Join our growing community on  QuestDB’s Slack

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A collage showing conversation from the QuestDB community Slack workspace with QuestDB stickers that participants receive

Here’s what to do to get your hands on QuestDB swag

A mug and a pack of stickers printed with the QuestDB logo

Level 1

Show the love

To claim your swag for this level:

You have starred our GitHub repository

You have watched our Stack Overflow tag

You have joined our Community Slack

What you get:

QuestDB stickers, soft touch pen (new!)

Level 2

Open-source contributor

To claim your swag for this level:

You have asked or answered a question on Stack Overflow with the QuestDB tag

You have opened a valid GitHub issue or Pull Request

A black t-shirt with the QuestDB logo printed on the front

What you get:

Stickers, high-quality QuestDB T-shirt

Level 3

Dedicated to the Quest

To claim your swag for this level:

You have written an original tutorial or guide using QuestDB

What you get:

For this level, we have even more cool swag!

A pink and black water bottle, a cellphone cover and a circular mousemat printed with the QuestDB logo

How can you claim swag?

Fill out the swag request form with required information. Our team will review and validate your requests.