QuestDB at Devoxx Belgium 2022

As a member of the Java community, QuestDB sponsored this year's Devoxx Belgium as a Silver partner. Our CTO, Vlad, delivered a talk and we spoke to many attendees!


About Devoxx

Devoxx is a series of tech events organized by local community groups. Devoxx Belgium is one of the Devoxx events where community members explore the latest technology advancements with some of the most inspiring speakers in the tech sector. Diverse, local, and global talent introduce the newest and most vital content from the developer community. Devoxx has a strong Java community presence, with sessions covering cloud, big data, security, architecture, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, programming languages, methodologies, and developer culture. This year, the event took place in Antwerp, 10-14 October 2022.

QuestDB at Devoxx

As a member of the Java community, QuestDB sponsored this year's Devoxx Belgium as a Silver partner, together with open-source databases such as Neo4j, Redis, MongoDB, and many other tech companies.

Photo showing the QeusteDB booth is set to go
Getting ready for Devoxx: The calm before the storm

We wanted to make the most of meeting the community, and we thought nearly a fifth of our company should be enough, but the attendees were eager to learn more about QuestDB and we wished we had more people!

Our ability to ingest over 1.5 million records per second caught a lot of attention and people were interested to learn the fact that we are a fully open source, Apache 2.0 licensed project: participants appreciated the opportunity to see the source code and use it in any way they see fit. They were also excited about our managed cloud offering. All in all, we spoke to over 100 attendees from every type of company and use case: public sector organizations, financial industry, industrial IoT companies, fleet tracking, energy providers, telcos, and of course some geeks thinking of using QuestDB for their personal projects.

In addition, attendees could get their hands dirty and run interactive queries on our demo datasets, so techies experienced firsthand the flexibility and performance of QuestDB. For us, it was essential to learn about different community use cases, understand users' pain points, and investigate ways to make QuestDB even more relevant for users.

Vlad's talk

Our CTO, Vlad, delivered a talk entitled "Database Hacking 101: Building fast bulk import in Java + C". The talk is part of the Server Side Java track, which covers presentations about server-side frameworks and libraries.

Photo showing Vlad taking to the audience

Vlad showcased how the CSV import speed is improved thanks to io_uring.

You can catch up on the talk here:

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