QuestDB Cloud

The fastest open source time series database fully managed on the cloud.

  • Database-as-a-service
  • Infrastructure monitoring and logs
  • Built-in auth and TLS encryption
  • High availability
  • Multiple regions
  • Additional database features
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CORE FEATURESOpen SourceQuestDB Cloud
High-throughput ingestion
Out-of-order ingestion
High-performance SQL
Time-series-native SQL extensions
High-performance data migration
Geospatial data type
Cloud-native backups
Built-in web console
Cold storage supportComing soon
Data compressionComing soon
Scheduled backups-
Monitoring and alerting-
Start / Stop instance-New!
Auto scaling-Coming soon
Zero-downtime upgradesComing soon
SECURITYOpen SourceQuestDB Cloud
SSO Authentication-New!
TLS encryption-
EBS volume encryption-
VPC peering-Coming soon
Role-based authorizationComing soon
Bring your own key encryption-Coming soon
IP whitelisting-New!
Cloud-native replicationComing soonComing soon
High-availability readsComing soonComing soon
High-availability writesComing soon
SUPPORTOpen SourceQuestDB Cloud
Community support
Standard customer support
Customized SLAContact us

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