QuestDB 7.2 Release

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QuestDB 7.2 release overview

In QuestDB 7.2, we introduce implicit variable-size time partitions.

The new feature intelligently splits partitions at strategic points, ensuring smaller partition sizes and reducing the surface area for copy-on-write operations. This minimizes write amplification and maintains high write performance, even during heavy load scenarios.

Previously, QuestDB utilized fixed-size time partitions to store data in ascending chronological order. However, this approach resulted in write amplification, particularly towards the end of each time interval.

Release highlight
QuestDB throughput before the 7.2 release

To tackle this problem, implicit variable-size time partitions are introduced.

With the new feature, write amplification is reduced by orders of magnitude. Users can now experience sustained write performance, even in demanding environments.

Release highlight
QuestDB throughput after the 7.2 release

To further optimize the system, we have implemented a sophisticated statistical model to balance the split and squash logic. As a result, partitions statistically unlikely to be modified again are asynchronously squashed, reducing the number of files on disk and alleviating stress on the OS metadata catalog.

Breaking changes for QuestDB 7.2

This is a breaking change. Partitions created by 7.2 may not be understood by earlier versions.

To downgrade the instance version, you may need to SQUASH partitions for each table.

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