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QuestDB is a high performance time series database with SQL analytics that can power through data ingestion and analysis. It's open source and integrates with many tools and languages. Give us a try!

Release week #4 is upon us!

This major milestone marks a leap forward in QuestDB's handling of high-demand production use cases. To that tune, we're happy to announce two major features in Replication and TLS Encryption in QuestDB Enterprise.

In QuestDB open source, we've got two recent releases with significant improvements. In 7.3.4, we're releasing Window Functions, more analytic functions, improved performance, a refreshed Web Console, improved documentation and many fixes and improvements. Hot on its heels is 7.3.5 which improves query speeds for select queries and introduces a new percentile function.

QuestDB Cloud? Secure your deployments with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and enjoy the new streamlined developer experience, which includes sub-60 second instance creation, better in-line help and one-click sample data sets.

The team is eager to get all these goodies into the hands of our community.

QuestDB Enterprise, Engage#

QuestDB Enterprise now offers database Replication and TLS Encryption. High availability is essential for high demand production cases. In the event of the unforeseen, redundancy can stave off significant disasters. Configure a primary. Configure one or more replicas. That's it! Oh, and TLS everything too.

  • Replication: QuestDB Enterprise supports high availability through primary-replica replication and point-in-time recovery. Our documentation will walk you through setup for database replication.

  • TLS Encryption: Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption is now available on all supported network interfaces and protocols: InfluxDB Line Protocol over TCP, PostgreSQL Wire Protocol and HTTP (REST API). QuestDB supports TLS v1.2 and v1.3.

QuestDB Enterprise includes everything released in open source version 7.3.4, plus both Replication and TLS Encryption. These features are also available to every QuestDB Cloud account.

QuestDB 7.3.4#

QuestDB open source is now at version 7.3.4. The highlights from a sea of fixes and improvements are the following:

  • Window Functions: Window functions are flexible, performant, and reduce query complexity. A window function performs a calculation across a set of rows that are related to the current row. This set of related rows is called a "window", defined by an OVER clause that follows the window function.

  • Functions++: We've added new functions in this release, including first(boolean), last(boolean), first(string), last(string), mathematical exponent exp(D), first_not_null() and last_not_null().

  • Performance++: We've made more improvements to query performance. Among other optimizations, 7.3.4 significantly improves LIKE/ILIKE performance by over 80%.

  • Web Console Refresh: We've polished the Web Console to ensure that what you need is closer to where you need it.

A picture of the Slick new web console.

Read the full 7.3.4 release notes on GitHub.

QuestDB 7.3.5#

  • Percentile function: Find an approximate percentile for a given series with approx_percentile(DD).

  • Optimized queries: QuestDB has long stood out for its high performance ingestion. Not be left behind, queries also keep getting faster. In benchmarks, recent performance optimizations have shown 50% improvement to several query types.

If 7.3.4 and its additions didn't entice you to upgrade, we suspect that 7.3.5 and its query speed improvements will pique your interest.

Read the full 7.3.5 release notes on GitHub.

QuestDB Cloud#

As always, everything included in QuestDB Enterprise and QuestDB open source is available in QuestDB Cloud. This now includes a fully featured role-based access control pattern, with groups, service accounts, and everything you need to secure your QuestDB instance. The RBAC documentation is available to help you organize access into your Cloud deployments.

In addition to the release of role-based access control into Cloud, we've refined the overall user experience. The onboarding process has been revamped, featuring a new CSV import UI and rapid instance provisioning. Get your first QuestDB instance live in under 60 seconds.

The QuestDB Web Console now offers one-click access, eliminating the built-in HTTP authentication dialog. Instance management has also been overhauled, with a new UI for creating instances, a reorganized settings panel for centralized management, and refurbished Query and Ingest sections.

Once within the Web Console, you'll find helpful new features, such as a documentation search bar directly in the UI and a new and improved CSV Import tool:

A picture of the sample data import UI. Bring in sample data with a click of a button.

Don't have your own data yet? Just want to play around? No problem. The Cloud UI offers single click sample date sets:

A picture of the sample data import UI. Bring in sample data with a click of a button.

Those who are using QuestDB Cloud for the first time will find a fast, supportive and streamlined experience. Existing customers will find more detailed help in the UI and simplified navigation.


We're excited to see what type of challenges our community solves with these updates. As always, we welcome - and truly appreciate - your feedback and suggestions.

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