UPDATE keyword

Updates data in a database table.


Flow chart showing the syntax of the UPDATE keyword

  • the same columnName cannot be specified multiple times after the SET keyword as it would be ambiguous
  • the designated timestamp column cannot be updated as it would lead to altering history of the time-series data
  • If the target partition is attached by a symbolic link, the partition is read-only. UPDATE operation on a read-only partition will fail and generate an error.


Update with constant
UPDATE trades SET price = 125.34 WHERE symbol = 'AAPL';
Update with function
UPDATE book SET mid = (bid + ask)/2 WHERE symbol = 'AAPL';
Update with subquery
UPDATE spreads s SET s.spread = p.ask - p.bid FROM prices p WHERE s.symbol = p.symbol;
Update with multiple joins
WITH up AS (
SELECT p.ask - p.bid AS spread, s.timestamp
FROM prices p
JOIN instruments i ON p.symbol = i.symbol
WHERE i.type = 'BOND'
UPDATE spreads s
SET s.spread = up.spread
WHERE s.timestamp = up.timestamp;
Update with a sub-query
WITH up AS (
SELECT symbol, spread, ts
FROM temp_spreads
WHERE timestamp between '2022-01-02' and '2022-01-03'
UPDATE spreads s
SET spread = up.spread
WHERE up.ts = s.ts AND s.symbol = up.symbol;