QuestDB integrates well with a range of third-party tools, offering compatibility with systems for visualization, data ingestion, analytics, and more.

Visualization Tools

Interact with and visualize your QuestDB data using these powerful visualization platforms:

  • Grafana: Create stunning dashboards and interactive graphs for time-series data visualization.
  • Superset: Build interactive visualizations and perform ad-hoc data analysis.

Data Ingestion and Streaming

Ingest, store, and process high-throughput and real-time data streams with these integrations:

  • Apache Kafka: A distributed event streaming platform for high-throughput data pipelines.
  • Telegraf: Collect and report metrics from various sources.
  • Redpanda: A Kafka-compatible streaming platform for simplified data pipelines.
  • Apache Flink: Process real-time data streams efficiently.
  • Apache Spark: Handle complex data processing tasks at scale.

Analytics and Processing

Enhance your data analysis and processing capabilities with QuestDB through these tools:

  • Pandas: Analyze time-series data in Python with powerful data structures.
  • MindsDB: Build machine learning models for predictive analytics on time-series data.
  • Embeddable: Developer toolkit for building fast, interactive customer-facing analytics.

Tooling and Interfaces

Improve your interactions with QuestDB using these tools and interfaces:

  • Prometheus: Efficiently store and analyze monitoring metrics.
  • SQLAlchemy: Utilize Python's ORM capabilities for database interactions.
  • qStudio: A free SQL GUI for query execution, table browsing, and result charting.

Is there an integration you'd like to see that's not listed? Let us know by opening an issue on QuestDB Github.