Apache Superset is a popular open-source business intelligence web application that enables users to visualize and explore data through customizable dashboards and reports.

QuestDB provides the QuestDB Connect python package that implements the SQLAlchemy dialect and Superset engine specification, to integrate Apache Superset with QuestDB.

We recommend the Docker-based Apache Superset installation. You will need to install the following requirements:

  • Docker
  • QuestDB 7.1.2 or later

Then, following the steps below:

  1. Clone the Superset repo:
git clone
  1. Change your directory:

    cd superset
  2. Create a file docker/requirements-local.txt with the requirement to questdb-connect:

touch ./docker/requirements-local.txt
echo "questdb-connect==1.0.11" > docker/requirements-local.txt
  1. Run Apache Superset:

    docker-compose -f docker-compose-non-dev.yml pull
    docker-compose -f docker-compose-non-dev.yml up

    This step will initialize your Apache Superset installation, creating a default admin, users, and several other settings. The first time you start Apache Superset it can take a few minutes until it is completely initialized. Please keep an eye on the console output to see when Apache Superset is ready to be used.

Installing Superset via QuestDB Connect

If you have a stand-alone installation of Apache Superset and are using Apache Superset without Docker, you need to install the following requirements :

  • Python from 3.9 to 3.11
  • Superset
  • QuestDB 7.1.2 or later

Install QuestDB Connect using pip:

pip install 'questdb-connect==1.0.11'

Connecting QuestDB to Superset

Once installed and initialized, Apache Superset is accessible via localhost:8088.

  1. Sign in with the following details:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
  2. From Superset UI, select Setting > Database Connections
  3. Select +Database to add the following parameters:
    • SQLALCHEMY URI: questdb://admin:quest@host.docker.internal:8812/qdb
  4. For the SQLALCHEMY URI field, use host.docker.internal when running Apache Superset from Docker and localhost for outside of Docker.
  5. Once connected, tables in QuestDB will be visible for creating Datasets in Apache Superset.

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