QuestDB is a relational column-oriented database designed for real-time analytics on time series and event data. It uses the SQL language with a few extensions for time series. The below will help you get familiar with QuestDB and get started.


This section describes the architecture of QuestDB, how it stores and queries data, and introduces features and capabilities specific to QuestDB.

As a start, we suggest you read about the storage model and about the designated timestamp. To make the most of QuestDB, you should also get familiar with our SQL extensions which allow to make the most of time series capabilities with an efficient non-verbose syntax. You will also find the symbol concept interesting to store and retrieve repetitive strings efficiently.


Setup guides are available for Docker, the binaries or Homebrew.

There are guides to get started with the Web Console, with the Postgres wire protocol (alpha), the REST API or the Java API.


This section contains reference about configuration, functions and SQL language.


We are happy to help with any question you may have, particularly to help you optimise the performance of your application. Feel free to reach out using the following channels: