Backup and restore

QuestDB provides two ways for creating backups:

  • Via SNAPSHOT statements
    • Supports both full backup and incremental snapshots
    • All OSes except Windows
  • Via BACKUP statement
    • Supports full database or table backup only
    • Windows OS only, deprecated on other OSes such as Linux

Here "full backup" means a full copy of all database files while "incremental snapshots" stands for filesystem snapshots. The latter is based on cloud provider services.

The SNAPSHOT statements should be preferred over the BACKUP statement. They support both full backup as well as filesystem snapshot and provide an easy and reliable way to back up your database.


QuestDB officially supports the following filesystems:

  • APFS
  • EXT4
  • NTFS
  • OVERLAYFS (used by Docker)
  • XFS

Other file systems supporting mmap feature may work with QuestDB but they should not be used in production, as QuestDB does not run tests on them.

  • A backup includes the contents of the database up to the point of executing a backup. Any data inserted while a backup is underway is not stored as part of the backup.

  • Users can't use NFS or a similar distributed filesystem directly with QuestDB, but users may copy a backup to such a filesystem after a backup has been made.

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