QuestDB supports the Postgres wire protocol. As a result, QuestDB is capable of running most of Postgres queries. This means that you can use your favorite Postgres client or driver with QuestDB, at no extra cost.

The storage model used by Postgres is fundamentally different to the one used by QuestDB. Some features that exists for Postgres do not apply to QuestDB.


We provide examples in a number of programming languages. See our "develop" docs for:


List of supported features#

  • Querying (all types expect BLOB)
  • Prepared statements with bind parameters (check for specific libraries below)
  • INSERT statements with bind parameters
  • UPDATE statements with bind parameters
  • DDL execution
  • Batch inserts with JDBC
  • Plain authentication

Examples which demonstrate how to use Postgres clients in a number of different languages can be found on the following pages:

  • Insert data demonstrates how to use the parameterized queries and prepared statements to insert data.
  • Query data shows how to run queries against tables.
  • Update data shows how to update tables.

List of supported connection properties#

databaseqdbShould be set to any value for example qdb, database name is ignored, QuestDB does not have database instance name
useradminUser name configured in pg.user or pg.readonly.user property in server.conf. Default value is admin
passwordquestPassword from pg.password or pg.readonly.password property in server.conf. Default value is quest
options-c statement_timeout=60000The only supported option is statement_timeout. It specifies maximum execution time in milliseconds for SELECT or UPDATE statement

List of unsupported features#

  • SSL
  • Remote file upload (COPY from stdin)
  • DELETE statements
  • BLOB transfer

Recommended third party tools#

The following list of third party tools includes drivers, clients or utility CLIs that our team has tested extensively. Picking an item from it will guarantee that your code will work with QuestDB.

We recognize that our community might value some features more than others. This is why we encourage you to open an issue on GitHub if you think we are missing something important for your workflow.


PSQL 12#


Libraries / Programmatic clients#

node-postgres (NodeJS) 8.4#

pq (Go) 1.8#

pq (C) 12#

Psycopg (Python) 2.9.3 and 3.1#

ruby-pg (Ruby) 1.4.3#

pg_connect (PHP) 8.1.0#


JDBC 42.2#

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