Get started with QuestDB from the binaries

This page describes how to install and use QuestDB via binaries. QuestDB comes with a script for Linux/FreeBSD and an executable questdb.exe for Windows. If you are looking for macOS, please check our Homebrew section.


You can find the latest binaries on the Get QuestDB page. The release notes are on our GitHub release page.


"Any (no JVM)" version#

The file is named:


This binary is approximately 4MB.

Java 11#

When using this binary you will need to have Java 11 installed locally. You can check which version is already installed on your system with:

java -version

If you do not already have Java installed, download and install the package for your operating system. We support:

  • AdoptOpenJDK
  • Amazon Corretto
  • OpenJDK
  • Oracle Java

Other Java distributions are most likely working but we are not running tests on them.


The environment variable JAVA_HOME needs to be set to your JDK's installation folder.

Your operating system version#

The file is named:


This binary weights around 20MB, this depends on your operating system.

When using this binary, you do not need anything on your machine, the Java runtime is packaged directly with QuestDB.

Extract the tarball#

tar -xvf questdb-6.6.1-no-jre-bin.tar.gz

Upgrade QuestDB version#


Check the release note and ensure that necessary backup is completed.

To upgrade QuestDB version, overwrite the binaries folder with new binaries and then restart the instance:

./ stop
./ start

Next steps#

Once you extracted the tarball, you are ready to use QuestDB. Navigate to our command-line options page to learn more about its usage.