Google Cloud Platform

This guide describes how to run QuestDB on a Compute Engine instance on Google Cloud platform with details on how to enable networking on various interfaces by means of firewall rules.

This guide uses the official QuestDB Docker image during VM instance creation to simplify setup steps for a quick, robust deployment. The networking rules below show how to make ports for PostgreSQL wire protocol and REST API publicly accessible or by whitelisted IP.


Create a Compute Engine VM#

  1. In the Google Cloud Console, navigate to Compute Engine and click Create Instance
The Create Instance wizard on Google Cloud platform
  1. Give the instance a name, this example uses questdb-europe-west3

  2. Choose a Region and Zone, this example uses europe-west3 (Frankfurt) and the default zone

  3. Choose a machine configuration, a general-purpose instance is e2-medium with 4GB memory

  4. Enable the checkbox under Container and provide the latest QuestDB Docker image:


Given the steps so far, the VM Instance configuration page should look like the following:

Deploying a QuestDB instance via Docker on Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine

Before creating the instance, assign a Network tag so that a firewall rule for networking can be easily applied to instances of the same type.

  1. Expand the menu item Management, security, disks, networking, sole tenancy towards the bottom of the page
  2. In the Networking panel add a Network tag to identify the instance, this example uses questdb
  3. Launch the instance by clicking Create
Applying a Network tag to a Compute Engine VM Instance on Google Cloud Platform

Create a firewall rule#

  1. Navigate to the Firewalls configuration page under VPC network -> Firewalls
  2. Add the target tag questdb
  3. Choose an IP range that this rule applies to, this example uses (i.e. any IP)
  4. In the Protocols and ports section, enable 8812 and 9000 for TCP.
  5. Click create
Creating a firewall rule in for VPC networking on Google Cloud Platform

All VM instances on Compute Engine within this account which have the Network tag questdb will have this firewall rule applied.

The ports we have opened are:

  • 9000 for the REST API and Web Console
  • 8812 for the PostgreSQL wire protocol

The configuration above allows networking from any IP address for the selected ports. A more secure approach would be to only allow incoming connections from whitelisted IPs.

Verify the deployment#

To verify the instance state, navigate to Compute Engine -> VM Instances. A status indicator should show the instance as running:

A QuestDB instance running on Google Cloud Platform showing a success status indicator

To verify that the QuestDB deployment is operating as expected:

  1. Copy the External IP of the instance
  2. Navigate to <external_ip>:9000 in a browser

The Web Console should be visible:

The QuestDB Web Console running on a VM instance on Google Cloud Platform

Alternatively, a request may be sent against the REST API exposed on port 9000:

curl -G \
--data-urlencode "query=SELECT * FROM telemetry_config" \